FLY CHIC FRIDAY! This Hot Kyana that Doesn't Wear it Safe

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Instead of popping pills, she pops labels. I will forever emphasize that being stylish does not require rocket science and hard pulled efforts. Joy Komubigo, a MUBS graduate has always set goals with the simple but not so simple style. She gets her sleek chic on all day every day. “Much as people wear clothes to impress, I wear clothes for fun and comfort. I don’t play it safe. That limits you.” Let me share my trick.
Here is the trick, wear it safe like the French if you are not big on risks.

When you wear anything below the knees, accompany it with high heels and anything above the knees looks pretty and sexy with low heels but that also depends on what event you are going to. You can always alternate. For fun weekends and evenings please leave the heels in your bags.

A pair of shades, a comfortable flowy dress and short shorts always do the job. “I like buggy and stylish clothes. That does not mean I don’t do tight and short but anything buggy seems to be trending lately and I love trends.” Joy Komubigo has mastered the secrets and art behind fashion. Here are more of her pics to give you new goals;

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