Kyambogo University hostels with the lousiest girls

These Kyambogo hunnies cared less about Michael Ross, Heck! they had to pose for the Campusbee paparazi

The bee is buzzing and this time we are unearthing the hostels with Z class babes in Uganda’s second largest public university.

Wewaawo hostel

To begin with is this wewaawo! Just like its name, wewaawo is a traditional word meaning to agree. Fam agree with me when I tell you this rather infamous hostel produces the most local girls around banda (not even proper English can describe them). Girls from this hostel are the kind that will kneel down just to reply to a greeting like “Hey girl” from a fellow male classmate. Indeed Buganda’s “Ekisakaate” did a great localization job.

Mars hostel

Do you want a very cheap girl?  Look no further than planet Mars rather hostel. My friend these girls are not from here and you don’t have to invest in much before they can lay down and make a peace sign using their legs. This self-contained hostel houses an open bar that doubles as a shopping ground for cheap young and juicy beans. Our Boda Boda readers hope you know where to park this Friday night😉.

Kiwamirembe hostel

Located in Banda outskirts, this rather remote hostel has the wildest babes. As the holy ones move to church on Sunday mornings, the wild ones will be matching out from praise and worship nights at their boyfriends’ cribs looking stoned with their hair scattered in all directions and residue patches on their clothes. I mean they are wild who cares?

Maddona hostel

The women from here are proud for nothing. Yes I called them women, they are slightly high in age generally. When you happen to date one of these self-proclaimed classy girls, you won’t miss out on the stories of “I went to Guangzhou for vacation with my Ex boyfriend ” so whaaaat? OK fine but the accent used while narrating their fantasies will kill you!  These girls will task you to choose between soccer and them! You’d rather watch their Indian Bukedde Tv soaps together with them than listening to their Tamale Murundi kind of English.

Good shepherd hostel 

Term it the “The friendzone territory ” if you may want. just like the name suggests these girls will guide you to the right path in religion, they have that holistic mechanism that will calm down your vibing hype just to invite you to her room for fellowship. Which is okay, I mean every man would love to get herself a holy girl but these girls are slow!!  If you happen to jump that friend zone it will need you a full academic year just to explain what you want. Probably you, the guys who tried her in 1st, 2nd and 3rd year will always meet up in her room for fellowship oohh what a digitalised salvation chain  😂😂😂😝😝.

No offense to these ladies, these stereotypes were just too loud to ignore.


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