University hall girls are way crazier than hostel girls 


The statement “I am going home for the weekend” has become so cliché around most campuses. You will see hall girls come up with these excuses every weekend just to be away from a hall room and experience life outside the ‘prisons’. Girls struggle to convince their guardians that they are actually grown and can take care of themselves. They desire to feel responsible and yet their parents are very protective of their female children. A few make it to hostel life, others are simply made for halls. They find hall a total replica of home.

Halls have curfew. UCU for example requires all residents to be inside campus by midnight or else you will be locked out. They are so strict when it comes to opposite sex visits. They do not allow cooking inside rooms, then playing loud music is another headache.

Hall girls want to experience the struggle hostel girls go through. They only imagine what it feels like, and so they are easily swept off their feet when they visit that hostel at Mubs that is so spacious, self-contained with a gas cooker at the corner. When you compare these to the rooms they come from, a small congested room with up to 4 students, communal rest rooms, and not even tiled.

These girls admire hostel life yet they cannot get it yet. They become naïve and desperate and can easily be taken advantage of by the same wolves their parents tell them to be ware of. They will simply fall for anything that looks flashy; cars, money, parties.

These babes while at campus get so crazy. They want to attend every campus gig, house party, and make sleep overs, simply to experience what they have been missing. The reality now is that these girls have become ghost roommates in halls and are spending nights building homes, multiplying world’s population or taking life, and only return occasionally to campus to attend a few lectures, while some are becoming alcoholics each day that passes by.

The change in the behaviour of girls at campus is however dependent on one’s upbringing. It will not therefore matter whether you are at hostel or hall. Parents should leave the decision between hostel or halls to their baby girls, I bet many will choose the former because university is supposed to build the future for a woman who desires independence, a characteristic of hostel girls.

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