Santana Karma, real names, Gitta Allan Keith is a rapper and CEO of 100Acres Entertainment. He is popularly known for his comical songs like Oyogera Bubi, Nembyelabira, and others. He talked to Drone Nash about his campus memories.

Karma the Lawyer

I attended Makerere University, and pursued Bachelor of Laws. I was attached to Livingstone Hall but was never really a hall type of Dude. So I kept switching hostels. Every semester a different hostel, I had a thing for new surroundings. Some of them included Offshore/Elite and Nana Hotels.

My best hostel experience. Aah let’s see…I had plenty of those at Nana Hostel, reason being I knew Tom Kaaya, the Hostel owner and dude is a millionaire. So let’s just say the parties kept happening and drinks never run low and for some reason my pocket money was in plural…hehehe

Did I ever chop lectures?….hahahaha.. No I was the perfect student…bwahahaha… Who am I kidding? Everybody chops lectures. As for my case, I chopped a few coz either the course unit bored me or the lecturer bored me or I was itching to catch the latest prison break episode hehehe .. But all factors being constant, I used to attend lectures.

Number of Retakes? Hahahahha.. Nah was too bright. Hahaha.. On the real though… I think I got like two retakes and one was coz I showed up for an exam at 2pm, when the actual time of the paper was 9am, so I missed it…hehehehe…black out zibawo!

Most embarrassing moment… Can’t think of any…ooh wait… Here is one… For my birthday my girlfriend then bought me some expensive sh*t watch, belt, fume and when it came to her birthday, ninja was too broke, to take her out or even buy her anything, so I bought her a big rolex with a chap in the middle. And pitched how delicious it was, like this was the best rolex in the whole world. Hehehe.. Well she thought the whole act was sweet but I was damn embarrassed Soon as I got money, I bought her cute shoes that did not fit. Hehehe.. And all this time she was just smiling.

First item I possessed soon after joining campus must have been a laptop and a big ass TV. Made my room expensive and neat… Gals like that..ha-ha

Was I ever rejected by someone I liked…uuuuhhmm let me see. Who can reject this divine charm? hahaha.. On the real thou, I would never tell if someone rejected me. Hehe

Worst bar experience…I rarely went to bars but when I did I had MADDD dope experiences…. Save for the time I had to walk from a certain bar in town, to hostel because my boys had split and I had run out of money… My longest walk of shame.

Did I ever run broke? Yap, Not too often though, how did I cope? I knew people plus I had my rolex guy on speed dial.. hehe

Least mark I ever got. Does it really matter? I graduated.. didn’t I?

Best Hangout spot while at Campus gotta be Club 5, it’s just next to Law School and one of the reasons I missed a few lectures… Out of Campus, I could say Rugby club/ steak out/ Fatboyz and church.

Which celebrity did i crush on? Uuuhhmm Eva Mendes, Jessica Alba.. Dezire Luzinda. Hahahahaa.. Scrap off that last name.. Was not really fond of Local celebrities.

Glen Fame (L), Jay Austins (C) and Santana Karma
Glen Fame (L), Jay Austins (C) and Santana Karma

Message to Campusers, Attend lectures, avoid retakes, have crazy fun, pray every Sunday, know what you’re good at and apply yourself and finally attend ALL my shows and remember to buy my Album come Feb titled (Under The Influence of Life). Success in your Exams. Peace out.. 100acres Ent ya’ll already know.


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