List Of The Best Rolex Guys Across All Universities

rolex in uganda

Rolex has graduated from a street snack to a high-end restaurant and festival food, and now a certified Ugandan tourist attraction. Trevor Noah even promised to fly into Uganda just to taste the Rolex. However, the savory meal, which was made a hit by campus students, will always be most treasured in such settings. This is why we bring you the list of the best Rolex makers across all Ugandan Universities thus:

Ddembe of UCU
This self-made chef, is located about 30 seconds away from the the Uganda Christian University tech park gates; in front of Hajji Abasi Supermarket. In the popular Bugujju trading center of Mukono District, no other comes close to Ddembe the ‘chappati-siika’. This is because of his unique recipe which gives UCU babes the natural juice they are known for. Remember the actress in the infamous Make It Nasty sextape? Well, she was a daily Ddembe customer.

Musiraamu of MUK
South African comedian, Trevor Noah is interested in tasting Sula’s Rolex, but he should first taste Musiraamu’s, after-all they are both based in Wandegeya. Musiraamu’s customers say his Rolex makes you speak Chinese in Luganda when you taste it – magical! If you doubt, go check it out in Wandegeya behind Ground Zero.

Musiraamu of IUIU
The name Musiraamu is synonymous to ‘Good Rolex’. Any Rolex guy that is called so is one you should be buying from. Well, Islamic University In Uganda’s Musiraamu is somewhere down the hill before the main gate. Those Hajjis and Hajjatis say his stuff is Halaal and Halwa.

Joel of MUK
Kikoni being the most populous suburb of Makerere, has the biggest number of Rolex makers and eaters; most of whom are very excellent at what they do. Joel takes it just because he mastered the art of making the new ‘Rolex Pizza’ that many haven’t tried. As you slope to Kikoni through MUK small gate, on your right after Kann hostel, Joel’s stall is one of the first three.

John and Edward of MUBS
They work via Kiswa and Samuel Courts and they provide good service to MUBS folks. Interesting how a clique of 4 girls ambush a Rolex guy just to confuse the rest of us, so that we don’t notice who of them exactly wants the Rolex. Also, after detoothing you at Shaka Zulu restaurant, the cunning MUBS chic will take you to one of these guys and ask you to pay for a Rolex she’s taking for her roommate – ruthless!

The MUK Nana Hostel guy
Kagugube is another suburb where Makerere University and LDC students reside. It is basically known because of Nana Hostel. The guy before Pearl View, next to the metallic mobile money kiosk holds the monopoly; most residents of the fly Nana Hostel rely on him diligently.

Mukisa of Kyambogo.
Please people, stop dissing Kyambogo. They also have Café Javas in Banda but they just decide to support Mukisa😂. Anyway, as you reach Banda Police and take that Murram road, you should be able to see Mukisa, the guy whose delicious Rolex stopped Kyambogo students from going to cool places like Café Javas.

 Moses from Ndejje
Just within Ndejje TC trading center at the boda stage, heading to Ndejje Vocational School, the flamboyant Musoga man works his dough. He serves a big community from campusers at Ndejje University, to students in neighbouring institutions and villagers.

Ultimately, you might have noticed that none of the above is from Busoga University. My attempts to get the best from that area were futile since all the guys there are ‘Isabiryes’ and are Gurus at this game. One customer said,
“Doona doona diwooma ino.”


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