Every human society hold in high regard the very notion of twins. Among the Bantu people’s, a twin birth brings untold bliss in the hearts of parents. Twins summon respect to their mothers. There however is something outstandingly adorable about humans who are mirror reflections of one another. The birth of identical twins is as rare as it is gratifying.
It’s not strange to find twins donning the same hair style, identical garment and wearing identical smiles.

Florence Babirye [in Purple] and Martha Kaudha
Florence Babirye [in Purple] and Martha Kaudha
Martha Kaudha and Florence Babirye are twins; identical twins. Beautiful bubbling bundles bustling with boundless enthusiasm. The twins are quite extra ordinary. With an Afro-themed fashion sense, the twins could as well be called fashion icons. The daughters of Jinja sing at a church choir and Kaudha sings every Thursday with Milege at Makerere university. The twins also do offer make up services.

On the pains of separation and why the naturally inseparable twins separated. ( Martha is at Makerere university studying social science while Florence is at UCU studying literature; both are 3rd year students.)  Florence had this to say;
“‎Well the courses we wanted were in different universities. Like we were given what we wanted in different universities.” she says.
“Yes first time to be apart shocked us, the throes of emptiness and loneliness were wrecking,  but realized it was for the best if we were to discover ourselves, our individuality; find new friends and have something new  to talk about when are together.”

Florence Babirye
Florence Babirye is one of the choir members at Worship Harvest, Naalya

Martha narrates further on the attitude people have about twins. “People are amazed by twins.”  she says.  “A lot of people like them.. .they think, Oh so cute and barely tell them apart which is annoying but inevitable so we deal with that. And people who know you but you have no idea who they are… You just be polite and tell them you are not your twin.
“Doesn’t that come at a price?” I ask, especially with regard to mischief? Haven’t you fallen victim and paid for a sin committed by your sister?
“Some times yes, you are held accountable for something you didn’t do, but that stopped of course in high school. Getting another’s punishment isn’t as wide spread as it was back in the day,  save the occasional misplaced reprimand. Twins are naturally a bundle of mischief so usually it’s double trouble for which we mutually pay!”


Do boys tell you apart?
Yes boys do tell us apart… It’s amazing if a guy likes a girl he definitely  will  learn to tell her apart from her twin. If he really wants to get somewhere with them… wouldn’t you agree? The twins are quite religious and were reluctant to say whether they were seeing anyone.
“There however was once a boy who was hitting on both of us, it was quite disturbing when we realised it was the same guy we weren’t sure if he was aware but yeah that was quite hilarious an experience.” narrates Martha.

Our family inspires us, Mostly my mum, a single hardworking mother  who puts her life on the line for everyone. Most generous and brilliant person I know.

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Herbert Okello
Herbert Andrew Okello is a young writer, who finds pleasure in English verse, satire and African pre-colonial works. He is a writer at Campusbee and a law student at Makerere University. He's Reachable on +256779262720/+256706168811


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