The contents of this article are not new to you guys, you fully understand this side to a woman. You however choose to listen to your other head, knowing full well it has no brain cells. Women are complicated, campus girls even way worse, they haven’t established themselves as women yet so they are all over the place.Yes this girl you are sleeping with was down and still is down to an open relationship but bubu that’s not going to last. Have all the romcoms of the this world not taught you anything? Friends with benefits, No strings attached, Two night stand, About last night… women are always catching feelings. No strings attached will always mean attachment to women, here’s why;

It’s in their DNA

Dude, I don’t know how easily I can spell this out for you but women aren’t players, never have been and never will be. Yes I know some girls are good at the game just as the next guy but see, this girl never attaches herself to these guys so she never lets the feelings brew. But you can’t have a girl hang out in your room ALL THE TIME, text you ALL THE TIME and still think it’s casual for her.

Women have stronger morals than men.

Now I’m not saying the players and fuckboys of the world are man whores– not exactly. See men have been groomed to be the chasers, you chase the woman you want to lay, marry and have kids with some day. Now they figure, if they are going to chase, they might as well chase all the fish in the sea. Women are not innocent or prude, but based on a morality scale, men don’t care where they put their business, as long as the taker is in for the ride. Girls love romance. Only about 5% of women in the world want casual, the 95% of us want relationships not occasional shags.

Social pressure

Girls have it rough. The pressure to have a boyfriend is real. Now here you come, waving your you know what at her, she will take to the friends with benefits deal at first, but later, when girls are being thrown for birthday parties by their men or Instagram hashtags like “bae” everywhere, she will hold on to you. She might not even like you but since she likes you enough to let you sleep with her, she figures she might like you enough to date you.

Women are just complicated.

Honestly even I don’t get me sometimes. Why on earth would someone sign up for emotional torture she would never endure? Beats me. We are a walking mess of emotions. We will agree to have a casual fling with you because A, you are extremely fine, B, our libidos are off the roof and C, Mila Kunis made it look so damn easy. But don’t be fooled bruh, she’s a grenade waiting to happen. She will get clingy, demanding, emotional… everything you didn’t sign up for. 

Good sex.

Many like to claim, or paint men as the animals when it comes to sex. They take on the deed like it wasn’t emotional but an animal instinct. Well same thing with women. It may not be as much as men, because we won’t have multiple sexual partners but our libidos work just fine, more so in our twenties. Now it so happens that you are quite the puppet master under the sheets, you know how to control everything that needs controlling. Dude, which woman isn’t going to try to make boyfriend material out of you? It might not work, being that you are a fuckboy but trust me, she will try. Now it’s up to you. Do you give her the best sex of her life or hold back in fear of her being a psycho.

Like I said this isn’t knew to guys, you perfectly understand this but choose to go ahead and taste the waters. Good luck though, psycho clingy “girlfriends” are on the rise of late.

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Amisha Mukasa

Lifestyle and entertainment stole my heart. Taking the humorous way out of any situation defines who I am and what I write. amishamukasa@gmail.com


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