When the Oscars were happening, some of us were too preoccupied with Kevin Hart’s refusal to host the awards show that we forgot to check out the red carpet experience and pick a leaf on fashion. But guess who was awake for exactly that, UCU Law girls!

There is nothing as pleasant as hitting your final year party with a memorable attire. In future when you look back, you’ll know that you have always been a stylish human and these UCU Law girls redefined that feeling. From crazy long ball room dresses to sleek body hugging outfits, these girls got the memo from the Oscars red carpet and for us as observers, we were really impressed.

Well, let me not talk much. Take a look;

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Steven Nuwagira
You don't like the way a sausage is made? Close your eyes when you eat it. Twitter: @StevenNuwagira Instagram: stevennuwagira


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