PROFILE: Meet Makerere University's new guild prime minister

Stanley Okecho

Stanley Okecho, the new guild prime minister of Makerere University came off alittle bit as a surprise to many when he was appointed head of guild government business in the university’s 82nd guild house.

However, the guild president maintains that he has known him for so long and also worked with him to gauge his capabilities and realize he is the best man for the job.

Okecho is a fourth year student of Law. He is from University Hall (UH) which also houses Roy Ssemboga’s old political nemesis Bazil Mwotta.

Stanley Okecho

Insiders within the Ssemboga government maintain that their government is a unity and all-inclusive government that looks at service delivery before petty politics of division and that is why someone from a hall that gave them radical opposition could be appointed to such a position.

The prime minister is very experienced in constitutional law, governance and politics, and has all this time been a special advisor to Ssemboga on legal issues.

A former legal advisor of Makerere University Human Rights Association (MUHRA), he is the team leader of the Katanga group in the Public Interest Law Clinic (PILAC) of Makerere University Human rights Association.

Okecho (L) with his predecessor, Jothan Y. Burobuto.

He is currently working at the Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD), and Dalumba Advocates in Ntinda.

Critics however still believe there is silent politics at play which will soon be unearthed.
“This man is by all means a success in his career but, politically, will he handle?” asked Joshua Ekayu, a student at Makerere.

Ekayu further emphasized the big shoe size in Burobuto, the former guild prime minister, which Mr. Okecho is expected to fill and try to match with.

In his prime minister’s defense, the guild president says the man is overly qualified for the job.
According to Ssemboga, if he knew Okecho before as much as he knows him now, he would have appointed him to the position long time ago.