My reasoning for excessively flirting with a guy from Akamwesi hostel MUBS


First we must understand and believe that Akamwesi is very expensive. One double could get you like two singles in MUK but that’s aside the point. Here is the reason as to why I would so flirt with a guy from Akamwesi;
This would mean am ending up banging chills in this cozy hostel space for some kind of “netflix and chill”. You might even forget it’s a hostel till you have to check your bag and you do not find your ID because you signed in. Guys in Aka like living up to the standards and they are good at keeping the “standards spirit” fresh and flowing year after year. A guy’s room in Aka would have comfortable sets of sofas, a luxurious bed, awesome bass and treble stereos. Small as it might seem, no one would want to chill in a room with a hot guy who owns a “ Makula radio”. Get those ear deafening woofers and you will get most girls sorted. It plays a big role in your flirting journey you could even get lucky and get laid that very evening.

Not forgetting, these guys have serious SAPPE!! Most MUBS’ hostels if not all, are too close to the university but because most of these people are rich kids ( it’s a positive stereo type btw) most own cars to drive the 5 mins journey to school. Flirting with such guys would be the best deal, you will not have to walk to AKA or capital shoppers or anywhere anymore. You get yourself comfy and free chauffer services.

These guys are spendthrifts. Your flirty message responses will be accompanied by weekly mobile money. Who wouldn’t want good treats every other day for being beautiful and sexy. One thing about these guys they are not misers. They will spend on you the way you want to be spent on. You must remember that Aka accommodates rich kids, if they can afford the rooms, then they must afford everything else that comes with the package which is having enough “chedda”. You will find such guys in every other room on a floor unlike some universities where you move the entire floor without picking out one person that would handle this. I would totally flirt with a mubs guy for this, Akamwesi to be precise.

The fun. These guys love partying. Since this hostel is strategically located around famous hang out spots, you will always have the type of weekend you want as long as you let loose. These guys have mastered the art of having fun, it’s one thing you should never worry about. Flirt with an Aka guy, be cool and your life and stay in mubs will be memorable.

Damn! this would mean your meals are covered. Forget guys that take their babes to kikumi kikumi for lunch, no hun you will dine in proper restaurants. Mind you, you are just flirting you are not even their girlfriend yet but he will treat you like you are one. Shaka zulu will become your second home. The whole point in this is that Akamwesi guys know how to get some. They throw money where they should. They see the future.😜

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