Sexual attraction can be the death of you


You are happy, you’re at the peak of happiness. The feeling you have is what satisfaction is made of. If constellations could place this feeling somewhere, it would be close to the moon and the brightest stars. Wake the F up, you are cheating with your ex. You know what that is right, the person you ended things with because he/she was probably a tool. Yes, you probably shouldn’t be jeopardizing what you have with someone you once loathed with every fibre in you.

Boo-hoo your sexual attraction is unimaginable, your current bae tossing you out will be unimaginable as well once they find out. Sexual attraction is great. Erotic novels have been written from it, the Fifty shades franchise is what it is because E.L James had an incredible sexual attraction with someone. We get it.

An orgasm that isn’t pretend for once is exciting, I hear you. However thing is this, after the orgasms, curled toes and vigorous pants are done with, the person sleeping next to you is the world’s biggest tool. So really, you are running out of the ONE’s hands for what, five minutes of heaven? Get a grip.

That passion you think is written in the stars is actually only written in your pants. If your sex life isn’t good with the guy you love to spend the other 1435 minutes in a day with, then do something about it. Anything good is worth saving. Something that doesn’t involve you losing him for life.

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