Sound tactics that will bail you from campus brokeness


Running broke is not your fault because you have needs and you need to spend that money but staying broke for a long time is definitely your fault. You should not allow this to happen most especially if you have a sharp mind. There are many things campusers do that bring in quick money and most of these are illegal, disgracing etc. allow me take you a little lower into some of the easiest ways that bring you at least a ka 3k for your supper. The slay queen in you will die for a moment but she will resurrect the moment you have your 5k. Here are tactics to help you bounce back from being broke at campus.

Before we get into anything serious, you need to cut back on unnecessary spending. Some of y’all do the things you do because your best friend is doing them. Your best friend has enough money to take her through the week, you need to grow balls and cut the lavish life till you are financially kawa. If you can cook, why do you have to eat out? Tone down this massape for a moment.

Sell handouts. Y’all usually minimize the people that come to your classes selling handouts but they are better off knowing they are going to sleep with some money at the end of the day than you sitting in your room corner wondering what you are going to eat next. Campus has very many lazy peeps, all you need to do is have your notes photocopied and do the math, add alittle extras and you will have your supper and next day’s lunch done.

Tutor. This is the most legit way of earning your self money. All you need is your brains and some notes. We all know campus has so many people with different responsibilities. Some actually fail to attend class due to this, if you are good in class or can explain leave no stone unturned to your peers; you are a great asset towards course work tests and examination time. Charge a little fee for your effort.

Run errands for people. You are covered up in your beddings very hungry and hopeless yet your neighbor needs someone to run her errands because she is busy, sick, cramping or even lazy. Offer to do it as long as she is giving you transport and an appreciation fee. Stop being lazy! Go knock at that door. Some of you have busy relatives that need stuff done for them over the weekend, present yourself as an extra hand and get paid.

Utilize your skills. Am sure every child that studied IPS and PAPE acquired a skill. Some of you acquired skills through training from relatives and friends. You need not sit on that skill. Get up and make anything crafty sell to the stranger in your class. Make it known that you do these things, it pays off. Some of you have great computer skills, get up and work on people’s reports and dissertations. That’s how campus hustlers chiller make money.

If you can access a car, be an uber of sorts only cheaper especially on weekends. Very many people go out of their hostels every night throughout the week. Take advantage of the weekends. Your father’s car has been parked in the compound for long, borrow it and let them know you are going to make money with it. Start with your friends, pick up your drunk friends, drop the bar hoppers, put your friendship aside and be paid for your services. You will thank me later.

Business. This is for the sharp mind. You do not have to first smell brokenness creeping outside your room door for you to think of doing something. Put up something that will bring in money daily when you are still financially ok so that you have your black days covered.

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