Working out consistently is hard at any stage, even more so at campus where there is already too much to figure out in such a short while. Unless you are a sportsman, or have an active sports hobby such as soccer or rugby, you have probably encountered the challenge of incorporating a workout routine into your already busy campus schedule.

Not only does working out help you to stay fit and looking young, it enables your vital organs to stay sound, as well as fend off long term illnesses such as heart problems and hypertension. Unfortunately, a lot of people wait till those conditions are an actual impending threat. Yet, working out is a culture. It is something that is built over time.

The two biggest inhibitors to a proper workout culture are that, firstly, people lack enough information. This leads them to base their decisions on assumptions and/or stereotypes. Secondly, people who are new to working out tend to compare themselves to their more experienced counterparts, or even pro athletes, the result of which is utter discouragement and devastating failure. So, first, here is the basic information that everybody should have.

Most people are led to believe that working out only comprises weight lifting or jogging. In actuality, working out is a general term that encompasses three components; Cardiovascular workouts, strength training and body building. 

Jogging and other related hyper activities (activities that cause one to sweat profusely or have an increased heart beat) lie in the cardiovascular (cardio workouts) category. Cardio workouts make the top of the list because they are essential for one’s continued health. Unlike body building and strength training which are more specialist areas, cardio is necessary for all.

Strength training includes routines such as yoga which focus on strength of individual body parts as well as balance and proper posture of the body. Body building comes last, but by no means least. It is mainly for aesthetics (the infamous six-pack), which is quite important in this slay day and age. But what this article is trying to do away with is the belief that you have to be an aspiring body builder to work out. 

Additionally, a lot of people get discouraged when they cannot keep up with their mates on the jogging route, or when their school/work routine does not allow them to work out at all. This is very easily solvable. Several success stories I have encountered in this department attest to having started with a very simple routine and then advanced over time.

By simple, I really mean ‘simple’. Take jogging, for example. You could start by doing a five-minute route everyday before you shower. That can be morning or evening, whichever you prefer. You can do this over a couple of weeks, or even months, until it becomes effortless for you. Once you have grown accustomed to the routine, you can add stretches, push-ups and/or sit-ups periodically. 

Whether you are into cardio, strength training or body building, remember that the aim is to build the culture first. Make working out a part of your daily schedule, even if your starting routine is as simple as ten sit-ups everyday. You can always build on that. Patience is the key. Best of luck!

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Naya Bala


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