The nightlife has been amazing; you’ve made lots of new, life-long friends, as well as spending hours in the library on coursework and preparing for exams. Hopefully, this has paid off – but what next?

This is one question many students ask themselves when they graduate but few realize adult life is about to shower down on them like a tonne of bricks. To every fresh graduate banging their heads against the wall to answer this question, here are a few tips:

1. Wake up. Dress up. Show up. Step up. I don’t care whether it’s your own hustle, a job, a family business, etc, always show up, always step up and always push forward. Whatever you choose to do today, do it to the best of your ability

2. Don’t despise ‘little’ work. It’s time for the real grind. The world will only reward you for the effort you put in. At this stage, you’ll only be exchanging your time for money. That’s it. If you’re like the average Ugandan university student, there’s a high chance you don’t have any skills worth employing.

3. Learn. A lot of very tough life lessons are coming your way. Learn from them. Grow from them. Learn skills aggressively. You need to build your skills to begin earning more, either through higher pay or diversified income.

4. Toughen up. The world of work is pure chaos; there is hurt, and there is pain. There are people who will drive you insane. And the places and people that were your refuge will disappear and you’ll be on your own. You will have amazing days, and you’ll have really, really bad days.

5. Be patient. True legitimate success takes time. The things you’re dreaming about now will not arrive for the next 5-10 years. But if you’re intentional about continuous growth, build your skills, and work diligently and patiently, you will be successful.

6. Master money. Learn how to save from Day One. Save 20% of EVERY SINGLE payment you get, without compromise. Learn how to live on the 80% left over and gradually increase the percentages you save. Master this one discipline. This is a deep personal regret for me. But let’s just say realizing how broke you are at 30 slaps different. Save. Save. Save

7. Focus on you. Stop comparing yourself to Celebrity X or Influencer Y. While you’re wishful thinking, they’re grinding. Some of these celebrities work harder in 1 day than you’ll wish to work in 1 month.

8. There’s no quick money. Don’t chase instant wealth dreams. You know the ones I’m talking about: “There’s a ka deal here.” “If you buy X and convince five friends to buy X and they also.” Those roads only lead to heartbreak, lost money, broken families and destroyed friendships. Stay Woke !

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