VIDEOS! Meet the UCU twerk goddess


Well, who knew Uganda Christian University can also produce twerk goddesses… that’s it, no one…. Today, Let me introduce to you Charity Lutoto, the self-proclaimed UCU twerk goddess.


She has the softest booty that anyone has seen especially on the ‘saint’ UCU streets, and when she shakes her a** the ground follows suit yo. And, did I mention she is a law student soon graduating and look at me who thought, they are ever so serious.

This babe is always flaunting what her mama gave her, her hot busty jagz that are always pumped to the max and her tight fitting dresses that bring out her shaped figure has left many dudes including the askaris at the gate mesmerized.


That’s not all, she decided to take her flaunting to another level, by creating facebook videos to show her horny fans what they can’t have. Horny guys have stalked her Facebook to the extent that she has reached the maximum number of friends. This girl redefines the twerk industry.

Enjoy and don’t say we never share with you the blessings on the TL.

The bee is buzzing…

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