MCM! KIU Ishaka Campus' Edwin Bagambe


There has always been that special thing with western Uganda, the beautiful sceneries and mountain ranges aside not even the over view of the precious large tea gardens is comparable to the liberal charming faces that welcome you into the land of milk and honey.

So today in our favorite segment of MCM, the bee brings you the true definition of handsome, a regal splendor of beauty so flawless, rendering palm readers surrender their extra-ordinary powers, dude is worth crushing on. Bagambe Edwin is a 3rd year medical student in Kampala International University (KIU) Ishaka branch. KIU might have good structures and the nice everything but trust me, the big population has a high percentage influenced by such beauty. He raises the temperatures of the historically known cold hills, leaving many ladies at nothing but total gaze of his glam and magic.

He has got all those features your girlfriend made on her “ bae must have “ list. We are speaking abs, succulent lips, lavish eyes, well groomed facial hair, smooth skin, a chest that makes you regret why you had to spend on furniture .More description of this piece of art will send you footing to kigezi to witness this beau and because I care, let me keep it at that. No villain can stand the rays of his sight; he glows living the daughters of eve in awe. Edwin has got that tingling thing that makes ladies shackle.

Unlike most of the glitterati the bee has crushed on, Edwin is soft spoken and only the lucky ones get to share a word with this gem. He has a daring life style with gnarly character making us wish we could be on his friend-list. He surely dresses neat keeping his bar high. In his free time, you will find him playing football and loves hanging out with friends.

It is just the start of a new year and what a better way to welcome it than crushing on a priceless embroidery like this master piece. The bee crushes on you Edwin for maintaining a fabulous physique and being legit. And to you our dear esteemed readers, we bring you lots of love from the hive. Till next time KWAHERI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Her musings were a complete departure from the cynical lies of her predecessors.