Mcm! This lad's making the MUK ladies go wild with his eyes


There has always been something so catchy about guys that play basketball. Anguzu Keith Joshua, the MUK cool kid is a Lebron of sorts. He is totally inspired by this guy in his spins, moves and throws.  It’s one thing to play basketball and it’s totally another to be awesomely good at it. He is cool in its full meaning. You do not have to be covered in chains and ice to register as cool. Nah-uh! Keith is your typical campus crush when it comes to his life style not forgetting fashion. He is a simple and ordinary guy in his fashion but with an extra eye for detail. This is what makes him stand out. 

Now what’s very endearing and sexy about this dude is how he juggles his intellectual mind and grammar and spews words in his sexy voice. This is not something you get daily. His voice will send you in a trance. The voice that comes out of his aperture knows not Ruyonga’s.  (insert heart eyes emoji even). In a recent research, I’ve come to conclude that there is an increase in crushes on guys with diastemas. Who doesn’t like his diastema? It’s the new mania. Guys that are gap-toothed with beautiful lips and well-arranged teeth are SEXY. Period! Where y’all are flexing with girls out there, he only needs his smile to do the magic for him.

“keith is one very funny guy, friendly, supportive and very down to earth. He could let go of what he would have wanted to have at the moment just for you to have that something you want really bad. Very selfless I could say.” Commented a close acquaintance to him. His life is all about the ball and the ball is all about him. Keith and his friends run a company called TiB( Throw it Back) basically basketball related. A very hard working guy he is. 

His love for this sport is deeply rooted in his blood. “ work, invest, enjoy but most importantly grow” that line there runs his life. In his free time you will find him watching movies, or reading novels. If you really need to catch up with this very light and warm hearted dude, just make sure to always show up at legends bar and restaurant and actually turn up!! He is a fun guy he doesn’t need boring energy around him. For a guy that does really good in academics, has the mind and heart for leadership, very determined to do what he loves, fun and stylish; is one to die for. We crush on you today!

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