MCM! MAK's Xavier Nsereko, the hopeless romantic

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“My biggest weakness is pretty girls,” says Xavier. Finally, someone comes out and says it, beauty makes the world go around. Don’t care about that inside beauty people are always mumbling about, physical beauty is all people care about.

Xavier Francis Nsereko is a well mannered, loved by all type of guy, at least that’s what I have heard. He loves life, loves love and expresses himself mostly through emotion. Emotionally engaged men are irresistible, they aren’t afraid to speak with and through their hearts, hence being honest.

Xavier like any young adult wants to get rich or die trying. He wants to have a comfortable life and why not, if you are putting in the work then you should be rewarded! He’s currently juggling lectures at MUK and working at Urban Logistics Uganda. His life’s motivation is being number one at everything he’s passionate about and not apologizing for it. He also gains satisfaction from lending a hand where he’s needed. Knowing he can play part in someone’s happiness drives most of his actions. Awww, I know right!

This dude has an adrenaline rush kind of bucket list, from scuba diving to bungee jumping, he’s fantasies involve him hurting himself one way or the other and loving it. Another item on his bucket list is marrying the love of his life, a girl that he’s already currently seeing. I know, why put up a crush that’s off the market? Unavailable is cute if he’s being a man about it, professing his love like some Shakespear character in those boring plays, epic. Lucky girl, your man claiming you despite the temptation of thirsty girls around school, good for you.

“Tweeting while taking a bubble bath with beer” Xavier’s guilty pleasure. That’s okay, boys too have skin; rough skin but skin either way, so wanting to soak your body for an extra glow is no harm. Fuzzy socks, those that go all the way to the knees, yep he’s into that as well, lucky you’re cute cause….

So you know all there is to know about the charmer Xavier Francis Nsereko. He’s the ultimate charmer with a good heart, a refined spirit, a romantic, and a lover of water filled with bubbles. Awesome.

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