MCM! Muk's engineer parading Fashion

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The freshers came full guns blazing in fashion, looks, creativity and activity engagement. Meet Aheise Kennedy a first year mechanical engineer at MUK who is surely a force to be reckoned with.

Kennedy is an extreme lover of nature and photography. He loves appreciating the serene beauty of mother nature. People that love nature are known to have some of the most creative minds and peaceful lives. It’s one of their ways of meditating. When he is not behind the lens, he is posing somewhere having his pictures taken amidst green sceneries.

He is a light heart, very talented and extremely friendly. He is so easy to get along with. This explains his abnormal number of people that call him friend. He loves hanging out and chilling with fun people.

Ken is a cool guy. He is a darer of fashion. He will wear the most basic but pull it off as the best dressed. He is not your typical campus guy when it comes to his wardrobe. His shoe game is way up there. “One must make sure to represent each time they wear anything” he believes. What more could a person want than a bright engineer that loves nature, photography and fashion. We crush on you today.

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