18 Year Old Dude Admits He Sleeps With 75 Year Granny For Money

Aziz Mawanda

An 18-year-old guy who snatched singer Guvnor Ace’s wife has recently come out to brag about his relations with this aged Swedish mama named Monalisa Larsson. The 18-year-old has been identified as Aziz Mawanda who publically admitted that he sleeps with Monalisa for money during an interview with a local television just a few days ago.

The money minded Mawanda further revealed that he was urgently looking for money to support his mother but his encounter with Monalisa is likely to make all his dreams come true including a chance to step on an aeroplane for the first time.

While speaking in his mother tongue “Luganda”, Mawanda made it clear that he expects no children and has no love for Monalisa but instead aiming to make her happy. However, it is not clear whether that was the deal he made with Monalisa who did not understand a single Luganda word Mawanda said in this interview.

On addressing the matter of Govner Ace, Mawanda revealed that there is nothing the former Leone Island singer can do at the moment after all he ruined his own chance. It should be noted singer Govner Ace officially got married to Monalisa on 20th August 2015 and he later disappeared from his aging wife two days after arriving in Sweden.

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