Apparently, Makerere University is a 'course unit' at UCU


Not many Universities great or not are going to rise so high in global rankings only to wake up one morning and a silent Night Visitor has paid a visit and branded each student with the markings that define Drop Out.
Dropping out of college is the hallmark of Academic failure. It is the perfect yardstick to determine academic mediocrity or chronic moral degeneration. When the neighbours son is morally warped. They become the perfect bad example. ‎

It seems Uganda Christian University have been painstakingly  waiting for this moment. The perfect time to portray Makerere University as the factory of rotten tomatoes.If the labour law examination making rounds on social media is anything to go by.

UCU law lecturers took a mischievous swipe at Makerere University lecturers over their allowance woes by featuring the chaos at Makerere University in the first question on the third year labour law examination. ‎

The Labour Law Examination question paper seems to suggest utter dissatisfaction growing sentiments within Uganda’s academic elites.
The Question Paper entails the perfect dispute resolution mechanism preferred by affiliates of Makerere University where everyone strikes.
Lecturers over allowances, non teaching stuff over salaries. Researchers undress, students over food, and bedbugs over insufficient blood. It’s mayhem at Makerere University screams the question paper.


Wyclif Mutagwa, a fourth year journalism student down played the talk insisting that Makerere is a big dog big enough to feature as a course unit in other universities which he referred to as “briefcase and mango tree shade universities.

What’s your take? ‎

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