AUDIO! Makerere babe dumps blesser who’s been paying her rent and tuition, calls him old and ugly


If you thought your January was any bitter, there is a blesser contemplating murder as the only solution after a campus babe gave him the worst humiliation he has ever gotten. A Makerere University babe only identified as Kevina publicly humiliated her blesser and ‘boyfriend’ live on a local radio station.  

As heard from a local show; “Endobeso” that seeks to embarrass unfaithful people in a relationship and liars on air by a popular radio personality known as Omukunja on Beat Fm.

The blesser who identified himself as Bosco, lost his wife years ago and decided to look for love which he found in a young campuser; Kevina. He confesses that he loved her soo much that he rented for her an apartment, furnished it fully and also paid her tuition at campus.  

However to his dismay, Kevina acts cold towards him, refuses him to come over to the house he pays for and always declines to give him chaw whenever he asks for it.

The blesser then sought the services of Beat FM to try and seek for the truth through a prank call to the young girl. To his utter shock, the girl called him her “Dad” and couldn’t  and when he was summoned to talk, he was insulted, called old and ugly.

From the audio, Bosco (blesser) was left speechless and almost cried as he heard a girl he paid for tuition and rented for an apartment insult him terribly live on radio and hang up on her.

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