Banda Business Resumes Fully As Kyambogo Freshers Start Reporting

outside kyambogo

It was last Saturday when senior six leavers were fully initiated as Kyambogo University new students commonly referred as “freshers”. We visited the Banda based University to check on the new yummy babes of Kyambogo as well as the broke handsome dudes.

Despite the big numbers they have managed to turn up, their attendance can be rated as fair following the huge 10,000+ numbers expected to report as predicted by the University’s Vice Chancellor Prof Eli Katunguka earlier last week.

Hostel administrators have been spotted all over the University premises as they tried to convince freshers to move in by advertising their rental rates in vans and under tree shades. Kyambogo freshers have been targeted by all forms of businesses around Kyambogo both formal and informal.

Kyambogo University being the main market for most Banda business ventures, the retailers and hawkers around this area lose sales nearly to zero mostly in University holidays. However, their two months of tears are set to be forgotten as the new academic year for Kyambogo has officially kicked off.

Some of the businesses that have already started making dime off freshers include boutiques, mobile money outlets and surrounding landlords who are set to milk the desperate freshers in need of rooms.

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