BEAN WEEVIL! Makerere dude who was staying in his Kyambogo girlfriend's hostel for months forcefully evicted


There was free entertainment for residents Mars Hostel, in Kyambogo on Sunday evening as a Makerere dude, Lincoln (not real names) was forcefully ‘evicted’.

Lincoln is said to have started staying in the hostel with his girlfriend plus the girl’s roommate since the semester began in January. Neighbors told us that they have been seeing him there thinking he had paid extra money to stay around.

Snoops told this writer that Lincoln is a student of Makerere doing an external course and the fact that he has a free and convenient timetable, he decided to literally migrate to Kyambogo and spend days and nights with his better half.

“I think I was wrong to let him stay for the two days he had asked for at the beginning of the semester. He’d made a permanent visit which I couldn’t allow to go,” Francis, the custodin of the hostel was heard shouting while evicting Lincoln.

Francis was also overheard saying that he did that for the fact that he is also a parent and he understands when one asks for a period of grace. “I asked him to leave but he kept on coming, so I had to embarrass him and evict him in broad day light.”

Lincoln however claims that the parents didn’t give him money for hostel and the solution he took was to stay with the girlfriend in the double room she was sharing with a friend- making them three roommates. The roommate to the girlfriend, we are told, was uncomfortable prompting her to always wake very up early in the morning to shower and leave and coming back very late in the night to sleep.

Seemingly fed up and seeing the situation had gone out of hand, the roomie requested for the custodian’s intervention who came in with security to forcefully evict the ‘bean weevil’. He was taken to Banda Police post to write a statement where he is still detained.

The question in people’s minds now is “Do you think it’s right for a guy to stay with his girlfriend who has a roommate”?

Compiled by Sheillah Nahabwe

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