By Alan Kanyesigye

In pursuit for professions in the medical field, a lot of things have to take course and how one handles oneself determines how tough the road will be ahead because it is never easy this side of the education section. I may not know what goes on in other colleges around campus but in medical school, it’s really hot and how one goes about the activities that accompany life at campus can bail one out with a good grade at the end of the first year.

It always looks like it will be a chilled journey as the perception taken on after completing high school is that campus is never stressing in terms of academics but the fact is that the only difference is that at campus, the pressure is from within you because there can’t be any lecturers to be on your case save for those that may be your relatives.

Campus provides a platform to almost all the freshers to encounter things that they never experienced in the previous levels of education such as happening, having freedom of staying away from home while studying and utmost attending classes at one’s will.

The course units may seem to be few about; 5 or 6 for the start but the fact that the course content to be covered is wide and itself is enough to scare you from medical school. The numbers here do not actually matter but the composure with which one encounters the subject matter can bail one out.

It may first seem impossible to engage in other activities outside the medical school because the fear of failing to accomplish the reading before the time of examination will tend to keep most humbled to the extent of even doing away with social media or movies for the sake of creating more time to burn the books.

When it comes to the field of dating and relationships, as one tries to handle the pressure from the earthly needs, the volatile content will always find trouble sticking to an unsettled mind. The earlier a couple in medical school settles, the better their chances of understanding their academic obligations.

The people you relate with outside your former schoolmate crew can also influence your life depending on how principled you are. As nature dictates, the rate at which we grasp things differs and so if one can seize an opportunity to join a serious discussion, a semester can be saved right from the start.

Beside the tight schedule in medical school, life has to be sought lest academic-induced stress creates a miserable streak of years in one’s life. Projects such as conferences, medical camps and community outreaches can be embraced to create a different life experience and bring in an aspect that life is much more meaningful than dying totally in books. Birthday parties and clubbing can also be part of one’s life as long as one can handle the aftermath of the latter events.

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