Campus Bee receives confessions from various students in universities and these are sent all over our social media platforms but we run them anonymous. This is one from a Makerere University student at the College of Engineering, Design, Art and Technology (CEDAT).

Having been around Campus for at least two semesters as an Electrical Engineering student, I had found myself a girlfriend (Yvonne – not real name) in Civil Engineering and I really endeavored to show care to the girl because she vividly showed it to the world that she was madly in love with me. Honestly, I won’t say I did not love the chic but I know she loved me more to an extent that she called me now and then to find out if I wasn’t busy so that we could actually catch up either in University Hall or in her room in Africa Hall. I disarmingly escorted her on a daily basis from CEDAT to Africa and we used to have a great time for us to bond and flatter each other like any other lovers would do.

Three weeks ago, the story had another twist. One Tuesday morning, Yvonne never had a lecture and so I had to foot to the college alone. On my way, I was interrupted by a fresher by the name Samantha at the College of Computing. Ohhhh My God, chic was so gorgeous that I encountered a brief period of shock when she talked to me before I could find my tongue. I actually sacrificed that day’s lectures when she asked me to take her around campus. Basing on the fact that the girl was another hot thing yet to hit campus, I thought it wise that giving her time in these initial days would actually get me closer to her.

We had a great time together and that day, I even had to buy food at the Guild Canteen for the first time in my stay at campus just to prove a point. While escorting her to the main gate, we met Yvonne’s friend and she dodged us by taking the other side of the road but we made eye contact. After an hour, I tried calling Yvonne’s number but it was not going through, when I texted her, she did not reply. I had to go to her room to check on her but on seeing me, she looked very disappointed. I tried to comfort her by narrating the day’s ordeal with the young girl but it seems her best friend had provided another version of the story and she seemed to believe her version.

Days passed and the connection between me and Samantha gained ground. She used to pay me visits  at campus (not in my room) and we talked for long hours . Yvonne grew suspicious day by day as I left her sometimes at the College without checking on her in her lecture rooms. The truth was that I had gained more interest in Samantha since Yvonne had doubted me ever since her best friend had told her about me and the girl she was yet to see.

It was one afternoon when Samantha agreed to pay a visit in my room, and we basically had a great time together until Yvonne decided to pay me a surprise visit. When she got in the room, she immediately started fuming without listening to anything from me. What I did was ask Samantha to take it easy and request Yvonne to vacate my room if she was not ready to listen to me. It was a terrifying moment as my catch looked terrified but I took to assuring her that everything would be fine.

Samantha had actually agreed to have a sleep over but because she had been horrified by Yvonne’s  shouting, she requested me to let her go back home so that she could recover from the terror. I did not hesitate since our interaction was still young and I did not want to appear as a hard guy, I listened to her . That night, Yvonne’s best friend made several attempts to call my phone but I adamantly refused to pick any of her calls until she texted me to check Yvonne’s status . She had trashed me and said all the possible nasty things she could think about. The fact was that I was not going to plead for her to come back and so I let her go without even reacting  to any of her updates.

Campus Bee receives confessions from any students interested in sharing their life experiences with their fellow colleagues. We publish all confessions anonymous if the writers desire so. Confessions can be sent to the Campus Bee Facebook inbox or on our email at editorial@campusbee.ug.

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