DEFIANCE! Even fumigation can’t eliminate bedbugs from Kyambogo University halls of residence

Kyambogo University

As holidays for Kyambogo students nearly come to an end, what awaits them at the Banda-based campus is nothing but a battle with bedbugs. Campus Bee has learned that the university has failed to overcome bedbug infestation in all the halls of residence at the campus.

As the routine has it, before students residing in halls come back to resume studies, the administration does a clean up of the halls of residence, clears the bushes around campus and also fumigates all the halls of residence.

However, this time around, that routine is turning out to be headache and futile after they failed to fully eliminate the bedbugs that have seemingly taken over the university halls of residence. After efforts of fumigating, fat and healthy bedbugs could still be seen loitering around the halls like as if the insecticide that was used helped in fertilization. Clearly, there was no effect.

All forms and expertise of fumigation that were fielded by the university administration failed to remove the small insects from the from their comfort zones. Word around campus has it that a rare drug had to be ordered from abroad to work on the insects that have turned out to be defiant.

Some students are considering moving to hostels and shunning going back to halls.

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