Don't get trapped by your girlfriend as you leave University

Students doing exams that they missed last semsetee due to a strike. It's during that strike period that they were supposed to go for training

For many, it’s about that time when you are saying goodbye to University. All you are waiting for now is January so you can do the ‘dab’ in your graduation gown as your family prays for you and as you set out to start a more mature and adult life.

It’s also about this time that many Campus girls start playing dirty tricks and you should be on the look out. Your girlfriend might be planning to trap you with a pregnancy. This has happened before and will happen again to any of you so I say, be wary of the girl.

When it reaches time of leaving the University, many girls get desperate for a life out of home, for a baby, for marriage, for a way of staying in your life for as long as they can. “She fooled me and I fell for it, she is now pregnant and he has refused to abort,” Ivan a finalist from Makerere University Business school lamented.

As you enjoy the sweetness of sex, be warned that the outcomes might not be a sweet if you don’t use that condom. “She trapped me, she told me she was in her safe days and that it was okay not to use a condom, I am afraid I am now on her leash, I can’t leave her pregnant,” George a student of Psychology at Makerere University opened up to us.

As you complete your years of University, don’t accept to get trapped. Be wise, use a condom, be wary, and don’t be fooled into a pregnancy.

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