As we all know, Makerere University released the entry lists for 2019-2020 year one students a few days ago. If you applied to MUBS, by now you know whether you will be joining the campus or not. If Nakawa is going to be your new hood, welcome, I’m here to show you around.

Much as campus is about studying, meeting new people, networking and laying strong strategies for a beautiful future, you cannot do all this without feeding the body. You might wonder where to grab what to eat, worry not, I got you.
Here are the top five food joints in MUBS Nakawa:

1. Ziglar Brothers Restaurant

This is the best place you can get food in MUBS. Ziglar has both local foods and fast foods. It is said that they deliver orders on time. One customer, who remains anonymous, said that once she complained about the food not being hot enough and she was offered another plate. Wow! Where does that happen?

2. Shalom Restaurant
It is situated next to Ziglar Brothers. Shalom is known to maintain a high level of cleanliness and their friendly prices on food. You can get local food and all other simple snacks. Shalom also has polite and friendly waitresses who deliver meals on time

3. Yummy’s Restaurant
This food joint stands out because it has a variety of local foods. Their menu is close to a buffet. They have a variety of local foods which are always displayed for customers to point at what they will have and leave what they don’t want. They also provide a free glass of water. At Yummy’s, what you see is surely what you get.

4. Hajjat’s Restaurant
This food joints actual name isn’t known to the MUBS community as the proprietor’s title, Hajjat, overshadowed it’s real name. The restaurant is famously known for preparing sumptuous pilau and providing free water in plenty. Every table is given a five litre jerrycan of cold drinking water. If you ever crave for a plate of pilau accompanied by some cold water, this is the place to run to. Besides their famous pilau, the restaurant also offers other local foods.

5. Mama Conso
Mama Conso is not a restaurant, it’s someone’s name. She’s the owner of a certain restaurant located at small gate along the road to the URA offices. The restaurant’s actual name isn’t known but if you want to have a good meal, just say Mama Conso and you’ll be there. The lady is known to prepare only local foods and she is very polite and tries to attend to everyone no matter how busy she is. The only disadvantage is that she has limited sitting space, otherwise you don’t want to miss tasting her food.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, the top five restaurants in MUBS. Please keep in mind that they are not listed in chronological order because tastes are relative. What is tasty to you might not be to someone else. I will let you move around all the restaurants and you will decide on your own which one is the best.

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