Disabled Kyambogo female student caught stealing students’ panties

Kyambogo University

Kyambogo University’s Nanziri Hall was in the wee hours of last night awoken to shocking news when members of the hall almost descended on a fellow resident after she was caught red handed stealing their panties from the hangline.

Aporo Judith (Not real names) who’s disabled and second year student doing Community based Rehabilitation in the faculty of Special Needs was last night caught red handed by fellow residents of Nanziri Hall removing clothes, panties and bras that had been hanged to dry though the night.

Sources close to this website said that; while a fellow resident was going to ease herself in the wee hours of the night, she saw Judith removing the clothes and putting them in her bag. Waiting for no signal, she made an alarm which woke up the entire hall and within minutes, she (Judith) was cornered.

Angry students who had been complaining about the constant loss of their clothes, bras and panties almost descended on the disabled girl but thanks to the custodian, she was whisked away to safety.

Angry students stormed the girl’s room and after a thorough check, they were left even more shocked when they discovered majority property they had lost.

The custodian calmed down the angry students who were baying for Judith’s blood and told them the issue will be handled the next day.


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