Olympia is one of the most prestigious hostels around Makerere University. Every top slay king and queen is either sleeping in Olympia or in Nana. Just the mention of the hostel comes with it’s own luxury however, one of the biggest problems in this hostel is the custodian.

Every one that has been in Olympia hostel has heard of the famous ‘Reuben’. He has been the custodian of the hostel since time immemorial and over time he has had girls come and leave the hostel. When a new set of freshers comes in, he doesn’t only jubilate in the money that comes in but also the set of new prey for him.

When I talked to some of the guys at the hostel, they said that when Reuben sees you walking and talking to a girl he likes, he makes your time in the hostel hard. “One time I left my key card in the room and I had to ask him to open for me but he took over an hour to open because I used to hang out with a girl he liked,” one of the residents narrated.

“There is a time he confiscated my speakers saying that the music was so loud yet the truth of the matter is that he found one of the girls he liked in my room and acted out of impulse by taking the speakers.” Another male resident recounted.

One of the female residents told Campus Bee that when she joined, he used to ask her to come and sleep over at his place and also promised her chicken from KFC but those were not enough to woe her into sleeping with an old man like him. It is worse when you are from the west because that way he can communicate to you thinking that people around won’t understand.

“There is a time my key card couldn’t work and I went to him for assistance. Can you believe that shameless man suggested that I spend the night at his place and he works on my door the next day?” the girl recollects.

There have been rumors of boys in the hostel beating him up because of the silly advances he makes at their girlfriends but instead of punishing Reuben, it is the boys that are chased away from the hostel.

“On top of the fact that he can’t handle his sexual ego, he is also very greedy. He won’t stop at making sure that he earns extra money from the hostel in hiding. It can be for a sleep over or some lousy reason that he comes up with” Ben (not real names), another student at the hostel said.

As much as Olympia is the biggest hostel in Makerere, it has a pesticide that just won’t make it prosper. “For the freshers joining, be sure to watch out for him”, Ben added.

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Ritah Varz Nalwanga
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