GOSSIP GIRL: Campus Babe Exposes Friend for "begging Indian men money on Facebook"

Achiro Caryn

Social media has gone from that place you head to socialize, to the place you affront or assure people who have crossed you. It’s a coming of age thing. You got something degrading to say about someone, you take to social media. Last weekend on the 10th, a feud broke out on Facebook putting the Amber Rose/Kardashian rakas to shame. Some aggravated souls took to Facebook, blowing off some steam by extremely humiliating the so-called gossip girl of MAK, Caryn Achiro. A little birdy that knows the participants personally filled me in.

Apparently this Caryn girl has been a headache since her high school times in Seeta. She made it a point to spread negativity upon everyone’s fortune, and continues to do the same. Every school had that one person. The kind that leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth, and for Seeta’s case, it’s Caryn. Psychologically I think it’s an upbringing thing. Always coming second to stuff makes you crave a headlining attention. Thus feeling the need to put others down to have a messed-up sense of accomplishment. You would think with age we all develop mentally, but that’s wishful thinking. Old habits die-hard with this one.

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When you are caught then start defending yourself

So Caryn aka Softie was off on her typical day, harnessing her shtick personality; running her mouth off, except this time, Jazzel Ssempebwa gave it to her straight. While others saw and dealt with Caryn’s hypocrisy and hate, Jazzle called her out on it on Facebook. Maggie, a friend to both girls spread the word about Caryn talking down Jazzel, and Maggie herself found out Caryn was talking behind her back as well. Basically she’s a no-holds-barred kinda girl. Bestie/frenemy/enemy, she’s going to sing like a canary about you. This would be your typical girlish drama except the words that were said are not girlish. In the innocence sense of the word.

Achiro Caryn

Achiro Karen

I have read a couple of social media disses here and there, but this is by far one of the most entertaining and jaw dropping ones. The names and humiliations this girl was throwing… girl’s got a pair on her! 😮 Saying Caryn begs for knickers, asks Indian men on FB for money, never pays bills, bleaches, list is endless.

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Caryn went on to threaten Jazzel, saying she will be sending her sister and boyfriend to set her straight. This caused even more havoc, causing Jazzel’s sister to get into the mix, daring Caryn and her gang to make a move. Apparently these girls date men that can make you dig your own grave before burying you alive.
This feud pushed on till the 12th, with others learning of her two-faced persona. Believers and non-believers were being presented with proof of Caryn’s works.


This kind of negative energy never ends well for either party in my opinion. Better to let go and let God, but then again I wasn’t the one being called a “corn girl.” Feel like mopping the floor with your tongue, get to Jazzle Pizzie Ssempebwa’s  timeline to get the whole gossip first hand.

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