So many speculations have been circulating regards about Sera Riri Ponde, a Makerere University Business School student. The MUBS student who goes by the real names of Sara Beatrice Nakagolo is in third year of studies.

The business lady has caused enough buzz around town, (the Kampala Sun recently named her among ‘Kampala’s top side dishes’).

Ponde is known for spending weekends and holidays at lavish resorts both within and out of the country. Her Instagram account is littered with photos of her in Dubai for holidays making it pop! She recycles cars like clothes…this chic is having the best time of her life.


Many of her fellow MUBS students swear to God that they’ve never seen this mini goddess on campus.  However, sources have tipped Campusbee that Ponde has a personal tutor and hence no need for her to attend lectures. “She is only seen on campus around course work weeks and exam period,” a source told this website.

Sera Ponde
Ponde in one of her ‘toys’

Sera hardly has ‘nobodies’ for friends. In simple terms, you have to be a ‘somebody’ or beneficial to her to be in her circle of friends. The “fineass” Ponde loves to feed her dedicated followers with selfies of her dawning label clothes, shoes and bags; she does them a favour by tagging the location. This is her daily routine, it’s more like a keeping-up-with-Ponde series! As to the question behind the realness of her “fineass”, that will be left for you to be the judge! ….many are wondering the sources of her money.

Sera Ponde

This reknown figure has way alot more to offer than her tantalising assets. She is the brains behind Ponde Shoe Store, where she deals in designer, classy shoes. Apparently, she has no store. Well, we could say her store is mobile. One orders through Whatsapp and Sera’s errand chaps deliver them to your hostel; call it a ‘WhatsApp office’.

The playful Ponde
The playful Ponde

Although many think she owns Henburg (that fast foods restaurant at Ham Towers)…On her Facebook profile, she indicates that she is a Director at Henburg….. we snooped around and were as well shocked to  find out she doesn’t own it. She just hangs around the place often for the obvious reasons (don’t be slow!).

Ponde living large in Dubai
Ponde living large in Dubai

And to the question that has been on many’s minds, how does this babe get her money? Campusbee can exclusively reveal that Nakagolo…ahh ok, Ponde, does have an investor or rather a sugar daddy!

sera ponde
Ponde with her other ‘toy’

She owes her luxurious weekends and fabulous lifestyle to a one, Paul who is a lawyer. In our next expose, we shall unmask this sugar daddy. The bee is buzzing!


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