Level of brokeness increases as semester comes to its climax


By Daniel Angulu

Things are not looking good for some students at various universities who have hit the broke season. Apparently they are heard claiming that being broke is a disease eating most of them up especially during this examinations period.

Campusers are known for their lavish lifestyle of extravagant spending when the semester has just begun but this does not seem to be the case towards the end of the semester. As exams draw nearer students seem to fill the pinch pocket wise as well.

Info reaching us is that most students are so depressed as a result of having to read for exams yet they are broke. Our bees in the field have informed us that the level of examination brokenness among students currently is so alarming that chapatti venders are all smiles since there demands are so much on demand.

Most students have been seen moving around holding Kawu tablets” which are usually hard corns, groundnuts, popcorn and all those things that cost less than shs1000.

Students have been known for spending a lot even without budgeting especially towards the beginning of the semester where they start ‘housing’ fellow students as if they have estates; so towards the end of the semester that’s when they start remembering all those people who they demand money because they’ve run so broke to an extent of even not affording a decent meal.

Some students sleep with only a cup of tea yet this period is the period to mostly concentrate on reading. Word reaching us is that most students’ have resorted to selling and loaning their electronics in order to raise money for upkeep during the remaining period of the semester. Areas like kikumi kikumi , and banda which are known as havens for cheap food are being flooded by students especially during evening hours in search for cheap food.

One of our bee who is always out during campus nights has also confirmed to us that the of students in the clubs has drastically reduced as a result of it’s high level of “brokenness”. Some students have resorted to spending most of their time in libraries under the pretense of reading for papers yet in real sense they are dodging meal times.

The students who are not so much affected by this are those fuck boys who love to lavishly spend on girls and dates. I guess this may be the main reason some students get retakes even when they spend a lot of time in the library. They just sit in the library in order to dodge meal time and remember you can’t concentrate on an empty stomach.

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