[Photo] Makerere Professor Kisses Fellow Woman's 'Susu'

Stella Nyanzi

Makerere Institute of Research [MISR] professor, Dr Stella Nyanzi, is at it again. The research fellow on Tuesday evening posted on her Facebook timeline photos of her kissing an unidentified ‘woman’s private parts.’

Stella Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi demonstrating for her followers how cunnilingus is done.

Here’s excerpts of her post

“Have you heard a woman scream madly with pleasure from the pure rivers of joy unleashed in gushes upon receiving the ministrations of the tongue of another woman? I would like to.

Have you imagined the freedom that would come into our world if you released your hatred of the idea of two women pleasuring each other? I would like you to do so.”

The comments didn’t spare her…

Nayzn Nya Nyan Nyanzi

Is chilling on the ZeroChills Avenue- 6th Street Kikoni.