Maxwell (not real name), a fourth year Medicine and Surgery student and a celebrated coward  in issues to do with babes, was recently ambushed by three main campus babes who were raving about how he had planted seeds in them only for him to disappear! However, on bringing out the clearly ruffled and confused Maxwell, the babes admitted that he wasn’t the one they were hunting for! Whoever did the eating had taken on this poor boy’s identity!

Unknown to Maxwell, he was one of several victims of an ongoing silent war. Before setting up the Medical School in 2002, life was sweet for Clinical Medicine students who were the pioneers at the campus. You would hunt your babe and in the course, swallow all the punches God promised mankind as punishment for Adam chewing that damn fruit all those years back. You would buy the chips, chicken and apples but have full assurance of keeping your babe. All that ended with the birth of Medical School at Gulu University.

A Clinical Medicine student now sweats to get a girl, eats like a pauper so she can live like a queen, only for a medical student to pass by and scoop the bird away! Not with chips or an overwhelming show of dimes but with just the promise that she was winning herself a future doctor!

This cycle of torture continued until recently when Clinical Medicine students also turned their guns on Gulu University main campus; the major hunting grounds of medical students! All that a Clinical Medicine student has to do to win a main campus babe is declare with a straight face that he’s a medicine student, a future doctor; and later use the name of any unpopular medical student! 

Blabbering some medical sounding gibberish while promising USA in Uganda always completes the trick! After hitting the jackpot, he disappears and the Maxwells of medical school get hunted down like Osama Bin Laden.

This tactic has enabled clinical students perpetrate atrocities at main campus all in the name of medical students. What is worse however is that most of these clinical students aim to impregnate and at the moment several girls have had to go through the trauma of finding their non existent Prince Charming in the medical school.

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Mark Muyanga


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