Unidentified dudes gang-rape drunk Nkozi university fresher


Just when we thought we had exhausted all the drama and action as it unfolded at the recent Black Bell Next Level party, the news that skipped the gossip bee is one that probably found it asleep.

In the latest development that Campus Bee has learnt is that, on the fateful night of the much-anticipated and epic Black Bell Next Level party, there is one girl who will never love the end result of getting excited over free alcohol, again.
After having a dose of Black Bell in plenty, Alice (second name withheld), a fresher at Nkozi University, ended up drinking herself silly. Unidentified men disguised as students are said to have stormed the party and took advantage of her as she was still enjoying her night and trying to find some happiness.

It is said that a group of horny fellas dragged the poor little girl to an unknown room and had a few rounds on her before they returned her to the place of the party that very night.
The identity of the fellas is unknown and their actions have not been reported to police, as the victim is still terrified.
Efforts to get to the victim were futile as she was not willing to talk about whatever happened that night as it was devastating and she barely remembers anything that went on.

There is also much protection of information about the entire issue as no one wants to really talk about, in and around Nkozi University.

“Not very many people know about it and getting information from the few that have it is also hard,” a resident of a nearby hostel told this website.
Campus Bee is looking so hard into this story and will keep you in the loop.

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