Gulu University Students to Begin End of Semester Exams On Valnetine’s Day


While many people out there are already flooding malls to buy bouquets, it’s another story in Northern Uganda’s hill of the learned. Apart from being ash Wednesday, this year’s Valentine’s Day can never get any worse for students in Gulu University. Who can imagine sitting their hardest paper on a day you are supposed to be whispering all the sweet nothings into bae’s ear?

Shock knocked down students last Friday as they were called off their 2 months honeymoon to come back for their end of semester one exams. The examinations were suspended on 3rd December after failure of the university to cover payments and allowances of the academic staff for the second semester academic year 2016/2017. Students had earlier on moved back to the University hoping examinations would be issued in January only to be disappointed with letters from the University management telling them to go back home until further notice.

After the call which was aired on Mega FM, a prominent radio station in Gulu, some students were seen boarding buses to prepare for the long awaited examinations. Other students thought it was fraud and kept at home to avoid disappointment given the fact that transport costs are very high. However, yesterday the university made official notices in the different newspapers making it clear that students should get prepared for the examinations scheduled for 14th February 2018.

Currently, the atmosphere in all Gulu University campuses gives you a feeling of danger ahead as students hardly leave lecture rooms and the library has been filled to full capacity. “The scheduled date does not favour students from abroad as well as those from far regions,” was a concern raised by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Ssentoongo M.Saadick.

However, when management was contacted, they said this was the only available time given the semester has lost a  month already and its high time University activities got to play. Management further asked students to prepare in advance for the examinations so as to register success.

The examination timetable remained constant with just change in dates. Our sincere success wishes to all students in Gulu University, till next time.

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