You complete yet another stage in life when you complete your time at Campus. We caught up with a former Miss Uganda contestant and fresh MUBS graduate, Engrid Wanyana for a little chit chat and she told us how it was for her, enjoy the read.

CB: First, can you tell us about yourself in a few sentences, Engrid?

Engrid: My name is Wanyana Engrid Ritah, fresh graduate from Mubs. I was on government sponsorship doing a bachelor in office and information management.  I am 23 years old going soon making 24. Raised by a single mother in a family of five, second born but first born girl.

CB: Awesome. Life at Campus is so challenging,  more so as a female student. What were those worst or most challenging moments that you faced while there?

Engrid: Well,  I can’t say I had any really. Maybe last semester when I missed an exam and I begged the Mubs management to give me the paper and they refused yet I was an A student I had never gotten a retake in the three years I was on government. Just like that I failed to graduate because of a missed exam.

CB:  That is sad really. What good memories do you leave with?

Engrid: Well, I don’t know what to say. Life at Campus is fun….especially the friends.  It was a good run.

CB; Well life at Campus is fun, like you just said. Did you go clubbing with the girls at any point in time? If no, how did you spend those free evenings?

Engrid: Of course we went out but considering that I was a working student I usually spent most of my free time working. I used to study during day and work in the evening.

CB; Let’s get to the issue of relationships. Did you involve in any or you were this serious type of student?

Engrid: I believe relationships are meant to be part of the journey. So yeah there was a relationship or two

CB: We realise you went for the Miss Uganda contest while at Campus, how did this affect your studies and social life?

Engrid: Yeah I did. Came out second runner up and also miss talent. It didn’t change much, my school went on well because the pageant happened during holiday and my friends really didn’t change.

CB; How did you handle the stalkers that came after that?

Engrid: Blocked them ?

CB; Ever went broke while at Campus? How did you go about it?

Engrid: I used to work so no I was never broke.

CB: Many people work but there is always that time when salary delays and you go dry for days. What was your trick?

Engrid: I had my own business and a job. And I was on government meaning I used to get allowances so really I was sorted.

CB: In five words, summarise your time at Campus for us.

Engrid: I will it was fun, memorable, crazy, educative and exciting.

CB; Last word to the Campus students reading this Engrid?

Engrid: Dream big and don’t settle for less.

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