Kisubi High School Students Strike Over Isolation, Entire Student Body Suspended


The entire student body of Kisubi High School on Entebbe Road has been suspended following a violent strike. Parents and guardians were on Friday called to pick their children for a one-week suspension- Senior Four and Senior Six candidates were spared.

The students’ grievances are mostly based on separation of boys and girls during preps, which boys believe is uncalled for.

Howwe reports that the students are also are protesting, change in administration, alleged denial of entertainment, especially watching television, movies and dancing, and high-handedness by the administrators.

The school has nearly 1,000 students from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kisubi High School is owned by a British organization known as Schole which runs schools across Africa including countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.

After the Monday night strike, the administrators reportedly started investigations with the aim of singling out the ringleaders. The administrators also called in the police who have been guarding the school since then.

With investigations ongoing, the students attempted to burn the school on Thursday night. They reportedly first destroyed the fire extinguishers and set the food store ablaze, but the police moved swiftly and quelled the fire and strike.

A letter from the Head teacher Isaac Kahinda to all parents and guardians reads; “During this week the school has experienced a serious behavior incident that involved a number of students from classes across the school.

We are determined that bad behavior by any student will not be tolerated”. adding that “We believe strongly that if our students are to achieve high marks in their O and A level examinations the school must maintain high standards of good behavior at all times. Most of the students support this aim but a minority of students has let the school down badly and these culprits are in the process of being dealt with.

The one-week suspension is to identify and discipline the culprits…concluding that the safety and welfare of the students is of highest priority.

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