Kyambogo University New Plastic Seats Shock Nation


Kyambogo University procured new plastic seats that are currently being used by students in the new buildings whose construction was funded by African Development Bank. The loan acquired by the Ministry of Education and Sports was worth $13 million.

The new plastic pottie-like seats have caused a frenzy on the internet with many calling them ‘Nursery school seats’.

This is how some of the students have reacted to the new plastic seats.

Kamuntu Ramadhan: Hahaha Scooby doo. No more excuses for “i want to go and poo “this banda based thing 

Caren Zipporah Gato: I don’t know why you should complain,these seats are smooth and comfortable and not easy to break.they can help you still seat comfortably even in the long lectures.

Michael Musinguzi: Probably, could be studying Nursery teaching.

Kalvyn Donoso: Walai this is the best #Nursery school in Uganda bajjiwe ekilabo
Can’t wait them introducing #Porridge and putting a must every student must bring #2Big rolls of 🚽 toilet 📜 papers and #4broomsindoor and out door not forgetting the #Reams haha first year bring the ruled ones second year un ruled third year graph papers.

I personally, despite their shape, believe that these seats are better because;

1. They are cheaper and light weight. In that case, they can be shifted easily from one room to another.
2. They are smaller and save class space thus the classes can accommodate more students.
3. In a bid to conserve the environment, plastic is a good alternative to wood and metal.

We shall keep you posted.

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