KYU Guild Votes Electoral Commission to Oversee the Forthcoming Guild Elections

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It was intense as the guild house sat last week to vote, approve and install a new electoral commission that is expected to oversee the forthcoming 15th guild elections which will see a new Guild President and Guild Representative Councilors voted for the accademic year 2018/2019.

The guild house that sat on Tuesday, the 6th of February 2018 started at about 3pm, however, due to the tense situation, the house held a long session that was called off at about midnight.

It was a tussle as the house moved to exercise its powers which according to the Guild Constitution article 8 clause 2(k) authorizes them approve the electoral commission members.

In the long session, the guild president Ochieng Joseph was tasked by the house to present and provide a hard copy of the guild budget which they (GRCs) said they had never looked, after which a debate ensued to provide accountability of how the budget was executed which the Guild Speaker Mulenzi Samuel called off saying this was not the agenda of this sitting.

The house then proceeded to a closed session where the Guild President presented a list of nominees to preside over the forth coming elections. The guild house them moved to vote and approve.

Asiimwe Robert was then voted the chairperson of the Electoral Commission, he will be assisted by Muteesi Hanifah who was voted the vice chair person, Kizito Brian the General Secretary.

On top of this, the house moved to approve a total of 20 commissioners where each of these will be assigned to a polling station meaning each polling station.

The commissioners include, Onyango Desderio, Aya Isaac Achayo, Kula Malon Okot, Owarimpa Joyce, Owomugisha Deborah, Ocitti Jeff Odour, Nyadoi Lilian, Otim Albert, Vunya Collins, kisakye Irene, Kigai Mathias Levi, Okwi Okileng Timothy, Walaka John, Kawuki James, Apule Tony,Dilidha Musa, Kizito clement, Nabukenya Sharon, Lutaaya Solomon and Kyarimpa Clare.

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