A son to Makerere University Professor, Salmon Mugoda has been dismissed from St Mary’s College Kisubi (SMACK) for allegedly sodomizing Bobi Wine’s son (identity withheld) who studies at the same school.

While speaking to a reporter from RedPepper, Professor Mugoda’s son broke down in tears as he narrated how he was framed and forced to write down a false confession. The 13-year-old minor narrated that he and Bobi Wine’s son both shared Kiwanuka dormitory and class (S1) but are in different streams.

He said that after break time on Wednesday of 20th June, 2018 he went to his accuser’s stream (S.1 B) to request for a text book from a friend. However, when he entered the classroom, someone shouted “Lawee” (slang at SMACK that means a homosexual). ”When I asked the student who shouted so to give proof, everyone started shouting on top of their voices and I decided to move out.”

He added that, word later spread around that he was a homo and by lunchtime everyone was looking at him differently on top of being isolated. He further told us that later in the evening at prep time some students started shouting “Sexiyo” (he also told us this is a slang to mean beating), which prompted him to go and read from outside. ”I could not understand anything and the origin of the whole talk,” he added as his eyes turned red.

That after prep time, he first went to the chapel for prayers but surprisingly when he came back he found students in the dormitory carrying sticks, belts shouting “Masokizimu” (He again said, this is a slang to mean violence).

When he sensed danger, he decided to move outside, only one of the students identified as Matthew to call him saying that a certain S.4 student was calling him. “I found several students led by one Jayson [S.4], they surrounded me and asked me why I had “Laweed-Sodomised” the opposition honcho’s son. I told them I didn’t know what they were talking about and I had not done anything but instead they told me to kneel on the wall and they started beating me.”

He adds that, later on, one George who is a prefect and friend to the politician’s son, came, grabbed him and told him that he had messed up with a wrong person.

At this point, he said his tormentors realized that where they were standing there were CCTV cameras and as a result they dragged him to a quadrangle where there are no cameras and the beating continued.

“They then told me to write a statement accepting that I had indeed sodomised or else they would continue beating me and as well be expelled. After the first statement, they said it wasn’t satisfactory and they told me to write another one.”

That Bobi Wine’s son was called and some of the witnesses alleged to have seen him being sodomised. The witnesses, according to this student, included a one Ngobi, Kakira and Ndawula—all classmates to the politician’s son— who all wrote statements.

He said that Bobi’s son in his statement said he woke up only to find his shirts unbuttoned and his trouser pulled down only to be told that he had been sodomised. All the witnesses brought did not sleep in the same dormitory (Kiwanuka) which the two victims shared, apart from Ngobi.

In his statement, Ngobi said, he was also told by this Prof’s son that the opposition honcho’s son had been sodomised.

“What I can tell you is that, on that night I had a dream that this Wine’s son had been sodomised. Then I shared it with Ngobi, who in turn perceived it wrongly that I had sodomised which is not true, “he said.


In the lawyer’s letter, the school management is being accused of overlooking/disregarding the issue of the bad blood that had developed between the dismissed student and Wine’s son which at one time culminated into the dismissed student being burnt with a hot flat iron.

The dismissed student’s mother told us that, following the incident, she was called the next day early morning at the school. On reaching the school, they told her to escort her child out of the school because he was no longer wanted by fellow students. “I tried to ask what had happened but they told me to leave. They later called Wine’s son who said indeed he had been sodomised, and it was my son because he had been told so, “She said.


After leaving the school with her child, she said, at night he developed a fever. He told the mother that he had been beaten by students prompting her to open a case of assault at Kisubi Police station SD 29/21/2018. She also went ahead to obtain a medical examination form. Medical check up was conducted at May Fair Clinic along Entebbe road and according to the results seen by Red pepper, the doctors noted normal muscle and no bruises at all. The examination was conducted by Andrew Kiyegga.

The boy’s mother says that whereas, she allowed her son to be thoroughly checked, this never happened to the Politician’s son-claiming to have been sodomised. “They did not take him also to be examined.” She also accuses the Kisubi police of double standards.

MAK Don threatens to drag SMACK to Court

Prof Salmon Mugoda of Makerere’s college of business and Management studies (COBAMS) has asked his lawyers of Senkeezi-Ssali Advocates and consultants to write to SMACK warning that he will drag the prestigious Entebbe Road based catholic founded school to court to compel them to explain why they dismissed his son (names withheld because he’s only 13 years) on allegations that he sodomised a son of Kyaddondo East MP Bobi Wine (names withheld because he is also a minor).

“We are writing to you on behalf of our clients, the parents to the above mentioned [names withheld] who was a student in S.1 at St Mary’s College Kisubi until he was dismissed in the month of June 2018 on allegations that he was engaging in homosexuality acts,” reads an intention to sue letter, dated 11th July, 2018 by Senkeezi-Ssali Advocates and Legal consultants addressed to SMACK.

In the letter, the lawyers contend that SMACK did not take any step to prove “these shocking and diabolical acts” and as a result they rushed to suspend the Makerere Prof’s son and at the same time while giving preferential treatment to Bobi Wine’s, who was never expelled nor subjected to medical examination to prove the act.

“Our clients believe that dismissal of their son [who had passed highly (5 Agg) and got admitted to the said school on merit] was avoidable, intentionally high handed, unnecessary, targeted ,malicious, unwarranted… and affected with impunity,” the lawyers say.

To justify their grounds, the parents say: the student was never given any dismissal letter; the school never apprehended students who physically assaulted the student following the alleged act; police doctor’s results showed no evidence; the dismissal did not follow any disciplinary procedure and/or warning whatsoever; the alleged torture of the student to admit committing the act; refusal to give medical attention to the student after the assault by fellow students on that fateful day; and as well the overlooking/disregarding the issue of the bad blood that had developed between the dismissed student and the opposition honcho’s son which at one time culminated into the dismissed student being burnt with a hot flat iron by Wine’s.

“We demand that you generate with the full involvement and participation of our clients a clear and unequivocal statement clarifying all this with the intention that the dismissed child’s name is cleared before the entire school populace at SMACK and the entire world including those on social media,” reads part of the demands.

Also, SMACK has been asked to make an immediate refund of all school fees including expenditures on the school requirements (about Shs3m)of the dismissed student; pay Shs 200m in damages and as well Shs 20m as professional fees to the lawyers.

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