Makerere guild president appoints new prime minister, sacks gender minister

Stanley Okecho, the new Makerere guild prime minister

Earlier today morning, the guild president of Makerere University, Roy Ssemboga gave his 82nd Guild cabinet a fresh new look after he made three re-appointments to it.

Exercising the power vested in him under articles 83(1), 22(k)(l), and 76(1) of the Makerere University Students Guild Constitution, the guild president appointed Stanley Okecho a 4th year Law student as prime minister and head of government business, Derrick Akatukunda as minister for Gender, Ethics and Integrity and Emmanuel Alengo a 3rd year Statistics student as Minister of Research and Computer Technology.

Stanley Okecho, the new Makerere guild prime minister

In the statement released by his office, Ssemboga said that the changes are an effort to realise the main objectives of the 82nd guild government which mainly include are accountable and consultative leadership.

“It is my constitutional mandate [as guild president] to appoint and sack members from the Cabinet. I appreciate Hon. Elizabeth Namugambe’s [former gender minister] contribution to the cabinet but this new appointment comes as a fresh input to the ever changing dimensions in the guild leadership,” Ssemboga said in an exclusive interview with Campus Bee about the sacking.

And on why it took him so long to appoint a member to the position of Minister for Research and Computer Technology which fell vacant in early October last year, Ssemboga said they were experiencing lots of problems in the university then. “MUASA was on strike and we therefore had bigger problems to encounter. That is why the re-appointment didn’t come quickly,” he explained.

The guild president further said that Mr Okecho’s appointment shouldn’t surprise anyone.
He maintained that the gentleman is actually over qualified for the job and that he believes he will deliver very well.
“If I had known him then, as much as I know him now, I would have made that appointment very long time ago,” he said.