Makerere Teargas Maker Now Employs 30 People

Samuel Mugarura demonstrates his smoke bomb

Following the successful funding of his teargas project by the government, Samuel Mugarura is currently employing 30 people, Campus Bee has learnt. New developments from Mugarura indicate that the third year student is using UGX400 Million funding from government to scale his innovation..

The 24-year-old student employs a team consisting of chemists, mechanical and electrical engineers as well as environmentalists. However, Mugarura told Matooke Republic that the UGX400 Million funding is not enough but has high hopes for more funds from the government probably in the next financial year.

Through the council for Science and Technology, Mugarura received 400 Million in October which he says is used in standardizing a product that will compete on the international market. On top of allocating them a place for operation at the moment, the Ministry of science and Technology also pledged to set up a production plant for him and his team.

Mugarura has also received advice from some government officials regarding acquiring patent from the Africa Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) based in Zimbabwe through Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB). According to Mugarura, the standardization process includes packaging and detonation of the teargas canisters.

In a bid to make his product more environment friendly, Mugarura has revealed that the bi products of the teargas will be treated to produce more products like manure, herbicides and others.

If successful, Mugarura now eyes for a top position in Africa as he compares his business in 2020 to a South African teargas company Rhein Daniells.

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