There has been an issue that has caught my attention for the two years I have been at university. There is a lot that has been said and perhaps taken to be like belief systems in regard to campus dudes spending on girls vis a vis the thought of bedding them in return.

I presume, to most of the youths especially girls , the principle of the good Samaritan no longer has any meaning because on the surface view of how life is lived today, a girl will vividly affirm that nothing comes from a guy for free and have hence come up with common talk that it is either “leg for money or no money from a guy of this given generation.”

According to the prevailing stories among campus girls, apart from a dude being your sibling, there are minimal chances that a guy out of the blue will start splashing his cash without either first chewing you or him being pretty sure that after taking you out, the event has to end at his house and of which his bed would have a story to narrate to those who would come in later.

To a smaller section of girls I am fond of hanging out with, when I inquired from them if they also think that a guy’s money has a leg attachment on the rebound, they  strongly deviated from the belief that is upheld by most of the girls confirming that they have actually gotten monetary favors from their male friends compared to what most of their girl friends have received from their boyfriends and yet none of them had been seduced to offer sex in exchange for the money spent on them.

The other category was in great agreement with the fact that guys spending on girls who are not their sisters is a myth. It’s now tit for tat to make it a fair game. One brought out a point that most of the guys will prefer to hide their real identity and distance themselves from their horn in pursuit of wanting to seize an opportunity of luring a girl into being free with them until their unleash their colors when the girl is in most cases vulnerable to avoid the dude’s advances because she will feel guilty of having quenched enough of the guy’s money and so she has to give the dude what he wants to bring in a feeling of being at no life debt with anyone.

Despite the majority of the girls falling in those two major categories, there was a section that had to put forward their opinions about guys being tricky beings in that those who would appear to be bad guys would actually be those with no ill intentions while the humble looking guys will be full of negative surprises.

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