President Kagame Recognizes Nkozi University student

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Our very own Nkozi university student, Milenge Eliouna received the golden handshake from H.E Paul Kagame after exhibiting an amazing piece of work and parade. She proved herself better than anyone else and she stood out from the many. The gorgeous beauty took part in the Itorero training in Rwanda where she was appointed Excise Major, a title that comes with prestige.

Itorero training is that which is given to Rwandan students studying from abroad and very Bright students studying within Rwanda, where they are taught the history of Rwanda, culture of Rwanda, protective measures and patriotism.

Having been commended by different high position holders in the Rwandan army, the very determined, patriotic and zealous young lady is considering building roots in the Rwanda army in a few years to come. Her beauty did not stop her from withstanding the hard sessions. It paid off for her now and it surely will pay off later. We only wish Uganda could borrow a leaf!

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