Speaker Kadaga Mistakes SHACK For SMACK, Irks SHACKISTS


A few weeks have passed since the time when the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni kept on referring to Trinity College Nabingo as Namagunga invoking boos from the disappointed students and Old Girls during the 75 years celebrations of the school that took place on the 12th of June.
Some thought perhaps the president was getting old. However, Rebecca Kadaga, the Speaker of the parliament is not even close to Museveni’s aging self yet she made the same mistake. It is now a mystery that still has no answer as to whether these politicians are actually intentionally mistaking schools for another or not.

Speaking during the 95 years celebrations of St. Henry’s College, Kitovu (SHACK) that took place on the 15th of July (Saturday), the chief guest not once but on several occasions kept on saying St. Mary’s, “sorry St. Henry’s” to the disappointment of her listeners.
It was very fortunate that she did not complete which St. Mary’s she actually confused the college with either Kisubi or Kitende. But putting her speech in context, it left many actually believing that she meant to say St. Mary’s Kisubi (SMACK), because she was speaking about traditional schools in Uganda, and Kitende is but a recent establishment. Shackists did not take it lightly with some elements of the Old Boys (OBs) who came from several universities and beyond rising to their feet in protest.

Kadaga in her speech among other comments said she expected to see a time when “St. Mary’s sorry St. Henry’s” is able to be a manufacturer and not a consumer, a trait most Ugandans are known to be. She pledged Shs. 5 million for the college band.
There is an old saying that the OBs did not seem to let go off their minds, one that was said by one of the old boy of the college from the early 70’s.
“There are only two types of students in Uganda, those at St. Henry’s College Kitovu, and those that wish to be at St. Henry’s College Kitovu” increasing the sense pride of the students/OBs in their college.

At the ceremony, awards were given out to some of the distinguished old boys and figures who have been of great service to the college. These individuals of really advanced ages also made great contributions towards SHACK 100 that will be taking place in 2022 to mark 100 years of existence of the college.
“Congratulations on your 95 years celebration” Kadaga said before she was flown away from the chopper.

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