Mungujakisa Morphat is a second year student at Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST) doing a bachelor of science in planning and community development who originates from Arua.

Morphat is in a worrying situation. He does not have any hope of continuing with his Education because of domestic violence issues that happened within their home.

Way back in 2006,  Morphat’s father separated with his wife (Morphat’s mother) and he left her with two young boys (Morphat and his little brother) even up to now he is not concerned with what is within the family.

His mum struggled with them from then. While still in primary, most of the times Morphat used to study third terms only in order to gain promotional results for the next class. When he joined secondary he got a bursary up to S.3, in S.4 he did not study second term and he didn’t do Mock exams  because of school fees luckily enough he was able to look for money that enabled him to complete S.4 and he passed it.

The situation worsened in A’level where he attended almost three schools in Kampala and Wakiso because of his financial status. He sat UACE in 2017 and obtained 10 points and he spent his vacation trying to look for money at his home village in Arua without having any hope of joining campus. While he was at a village wedding, he was alerted that there was a lecturer from MUST whom he approached and he helped him to secure a vacancy at MUST .

In the first semester of first year Morphat, his mum and that lecturer combined what they had to make sure that he clears tuition, functional fees and rent (hostel).

In second semester of year one , he was ushering in one of the pentecostal churches in Mbarara where the pastor of the church contributed part of his tuition but with unfavorable conditions attached to it as a student and later on he was forced to leave, that’s how he completed his first year at MUST.

During the last holiday (May-August) he didn’t work because he was weak and his mum also surrendered because the situation had worsened on her side and in the process his brother who had a half bursary at Metropolitan University dropped out because he was unable to pay the remaining part of tuition.

The mum advised Morphat not to go back to MUST since there was no other source of income of tuition but later on Morphat changed his mind and he went back to MUST because of his desire to study.

“Ever since I came back to Mbarara, things worsened more and I am still alive by God’s Grace because I owe the landlord of the hostel Shs 450000 for five months, tuition and functional fees I haven’t paid any single coin.” He told our Reporter.

“Even getting what to eat is also a problem to me now, the landlord chased me and that’s why I had decided to leave campus and go back to Arua.” He added.

He had lost hope in studying and he was planning to quit education and he go back to Arua this Saturday but a friend advised him to talk to the lecturers who advised him to stay for a while and see what they can do together with the students.

For help contact/WhatsApp Morphat on +256776439479.

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