COVID-19 lockdown will always be one to remember, for it has affected all corners of this country and elsewhere and most especially to the Education sector because nothing of this kind has been experienced in a long time.

Speaking of the ripple effects the lockdown has had, we have to agree, final year students are the most disgruntled for the fact that this pandemic came at a time when they were about to reach a very big milestone of their lives, that is, wrapping up with the campus rollercoaster.

Campus Bee has learnt, some of these finalists have put up enough with the empty promises made by the education ministry on re-opening and are opting for a ‘new life’ which, if not all, most have been looking forward to, all their lives.

With what they call a ‘new life’, getting married after wrapping up with their academics has now become cliché to some of these young adults as they have started paving paths for their weddings.

“One thing I don’t need to say again is that we are tired of this so called lockdown which has only come to ruin our lives. Other issues aside, some of us are at a verge of losing touch with our boyfriends because we haven’t seen them in such a long time. Personally, I’ve already set my plans for my introduction ceremony, and come what may, I’m going to introduce my boyfriend to my family, I can’t wait no more” said Rachael, a finalist at Makerere University Business School (MUBS)

We all have to agree with these finalists that its right about time for them to start figuring out what next after campus and sketching down their plans on how they are finally going to start living independently without ‘daddy and mummy’, which according to some is the toughest point they have reached in their lives, like Juliet Akankwasa (a finalist at Kyambogo) who talked to Campus Bee.

“My oh My, I can’t imagine I’ve reached this point in my life where I’m officially going to start living on my own. At this point, with all these stories I’ve been hearing about life after campus, I’m scared and I still don’t know where exactly to start. My man asked me to move in with him which I find fine and as per now, it’s the option am taking. I mean, who wouldn’t want to finally live with a man who is going to take good care of you instead of being home all day and being instructed around like a young kid, so yeah, and we are also ready to be engaged even before the lockdown ends and eventually get married because there’s no reason to wait any longer” Akankwasa told Campus Bee.

As the re-opening of schools still remains uncertain, and with a dead academic year looming it’s possible that other finalists could take up similar decisions to get married away to their ‘hubbys’ which leaves a question of who will then be available for their male counterparts (finalists) after the lockdown? Mysterious!

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